The last guardian walkthrough part 8

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The last guardian walkthrough part 8

After the boy fell from the tower, his clothes are caught in a tree branch. Call Trico to help you before you fall down below. Trico will then jump down several platforms until it reaches a structure where a lever is.

The boy realizes that they had been in the area before. Trico is lying down on the bottom floor and seems to be hungry, so the boy decides to give the creature more barrels.

The Last Guardian walkthrough part 8: The giant mobile

There is a barrel in front of Trico, but you need to jump over a platform to get to it. After jumping over the structure, grab the barrel and carry it until you reach Trico.

Throw the barrel to Trico once you reach the upper level. Once you reach the top level, Trico will notice several enemies with glass eye shields. Trico will not be able to move again, so the boy tries to find out a way to get rid of their shields. Climb on the ledges and you will be able to go inside the room where the enemies are. Avoid the enemies once you get inside then run towards the enemies with glass shields. Charge into the shielded enemies using the square button and the left analog stick for them to drop their shields.

Trico will leap towards your direction and charge into the enemies. After the battle, crawl through the gate on the opposite side of the balcony then walk to the right. There is a barrel in the area, so pick it up and give it to Trico before proceeding. Once you give the barrel to Trico, head to the left of the gate where you came from then proceed to the hallway.

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Head towards the back of the area then go to the right and climb on the ladder. Proceed to the left and pull the lever to open the gate. Jump down and hang onto Trico. If you pull to move the big jar, the handle will break, so you have to push it instead. The boy notices that the big jar cannot be moved because the rails are not aligned.

Walk forward until you find a lever, activate the lever so that the rails on the split path can now be used to move the big jar. Push the big jar and Trico will follow the scene. However, once you reach the middle of the railroad, the floor that the boy is standing on will collapse, causing the boy to fall on a puddle of water.

Push the wooden box towards the puddle and call Trico. Jump on the wooden box and climb onto Trico tail. Climb on top of Trico and the creature will jump on several platforms. There are several enemies on the last structure that Trico jumps on, so let the creature defeat the enemies first before jumping down. After Trico defeats the enemies, jump over the gate in the area.

Climb on top of the box and then throw the barrel towards Trico. Walk towards the end then jump down inside the bridge. Run and jump towards the door where Trico is on the other side. There is an enemy that will try to capture the boy, however; Trico will come barging in towards you. The bridge will start to collapse, so starting running. Trico will save you at the middle section of the bridge right before you fall down. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.Solve all the puzzles and the mystery behind this unique platform adventure with our complete visual walkthrough.

The Last Guardian is an adventure game with an alternative approach to action, where you rely on you partner to tackle obstacles and defeat enemies.

It just so happens that you partner is a giant cat-bird-dragon thing that can only understand simple commands. Note: although this is a walkthrough, we are careful not to discuss cutscenes and avoid spoilers unless absolutely neccesary, so you can still discover the story for yourselves. The walkthrough is split into 16 digestible stages, all of which have clear beginnings and endings. Not sure which direction to go, or where you should head next?

Observe where Trico and the boy are looking. You can use commands on Trico after a certain point in the game. Climb on its back and pet it with the circle button around the neck and back and it will sit down and calm down. Is it hungry? Is it angry? Calm it down. After any fights with the guards, check Trico for spears. There really is only one direction you can go in during the game, despite it looking vast and complicated. There are a few dead ends, but nothing that will take you too far off course.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. From where Trico finally lands safely, head back inside along the hall behind you. Continue along the hallways until you come to a room with another stained glass eye. This means that Trico won't follow you inside, which is bad because there's a suit of armor below you. You can just run past him, though, and up the ramp in the back left corner, then climb up the ledges to the platform.

His spell-like things might start to pile up around your screen if you take too long. If they become a problem, mash some buttons to try to clear them away.

Right by where you climb up, there'll be a chain hanging down. You're not going to climb up this one, though. Instead, grab it, get a running start and use it like a zip line to cross to the bridge with the eye.

Once you get there, shove the cart off and let Trico come in to take out the suit of armor. Follow the rails out of the room, and then take the left fork. This will lead to a ladder you can take down and then a switch that will open the gate, letting Trico out.

Head down the hall to the right of the switch. Once again, a stained glass eye block Trico's path. This one is suspended from a giant mobile, so it's a little harder to get to. Climb up on Trico's back, and ask him to stand to get up to the walkway above you on your left.

Toss down the two Trico Treats you find there to keep him occupied while you wander. At the end of the walkway, there's a gap in the railing on the left. Jump out onto the disc, then to the cage. From the top of the cage, jump to the chain hanging to the left of the second disc.

Slide all the way down the chain until you can drop onto the wooden planks below. The planks are balanced in the middle and are currently too low for you to reach the dangling ladder-thing hanging off the eye.

Stay on this end of the planks until your weight tips the other end up, then run and jump onto the dangling thing. Climb up to the eye. Make your way around to the front and stand on the ledge.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Last Guardian unfolds as a long, seamless journey full of puzzles. In Polygon's The Last Guardian guide, we'll teach you how to solve all of them and defeat every enemy in your and Trico's path.

The Last Guardian has no chapters, which makes organizing a guide somewhat difficult. Our solution? We've organized our guide based on the game's geographical areas and puzzles, and they're all corralled this table of contents. How do you know what's in each of our chapters?

To help you find your place, we've included a handful of images from each page and a brief description of what we cover on that page. When the images or descriptions look familiar, you'll know where you need to go.

You can click to enlarge them — here and in the rest of Polygon's The Last Guardian guide. The top of each individual page in our guide includes the same description as the table of contents below. Just beneath the headline, you'll find a sentence-long overview explaining what you'll find in the page. As always, you'll also find quick navigation links at the bottom of each page that will take you to the previous and next chapters, as well as back here to the main table of contents.

Waking up, feeding Trico, finding the mirror, getting past the waterfall, saying goodbye but not really.

the last guardian walkthrough part 8

The nest, getting Trico through the too-small door, outside then back in, your first stained glass eye, ledges, the evil birdcage. Suits of armor, above the evil birdcage, getting Trico past that amazing smell, Trico takes a bath. Learning to command Trico, suits of armor on a bridge, more suits of armor on a bridge, lots of jumping.

Getting down from the tree, getting out of the hole, a lot of ledges, suits of armor with shields. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Filed under: The Last Guardian guide. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Part 1: Waking up and breaking out. News Destiny 2 is getting a new tutorial — possibly led by a familiar face.

Loading comments Share this story Twitter Facebook.In the last cut scene we saw what really happened with the boy, he was eaten by the beast and later attacked by the villagers, after a lightning strike he lost his wings and falls in the fort. The guards push him much deeper and he expels the kid out of his stomach. Later Trico and the boy moves ahead to escape the Nest. Trico fights with another beast and gets badly injured.

the last guardian walkthrough part 8

The game begins after the boy gains consciousness when Trico puts him in water. The narrator reveals the valley where the boy is stuck, known as the Nest. The only way to escape is by air. Now go back to the same room where Trico eats the boy.

Take left from where Trico leaves you. There is a locked iron door just opposite. Call Trico there. Just above the door there is a small entrance. Go down and pull the lever that is just behind the door, then move towards a small tunnel ahead.

Keep moving and call Trico.

The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 8

Climb on his head there is a small passage on the left side. After passing into the hole there is a door locked at the back. Open it and then call Trico once again. Walk straight ahead and then call Trico.

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Use the liver to open the locked entrance and he will try making his way out, cave will eventually falls. Crawl through the area, go straight ahead, pass Trico and climb up over his body.

Then move ahead toward a huge exit. As you reach at the end there will be few guards who will attack you. Call Trico for help. After Trico is done with the guards, command him to move forward towards the bridge. The path is not straight. First jump on the column ahead then jump on the left one. Then finally jump on the thin wooden bridge. As the bridge falls, Trico runs ahead finally at the end there are two eye shape symbol.

You have to destroy them. Jump down and then jump a level lower. Then using the wooden blocks move ahead, when you reach at the end, use the wall edges to move right. You will need to travel quiet a long distance. Keep moving in the right direction.

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At the end when you reach in between the stairs go up and keep running toward the bridge where Trico is standing. Push both the symbol to the left down and there will be huge bunch of guards coming up.

This triggers a scene where Trico avoids the symbols and attack them all, and saves the boy. Climb on the platform right where Trico is stuck and pull the lever at the end. This opens up the door ahead that will help Trico to climb in the tower. Jump on the broken log and then down towards Trico, catch his Tail.MISSY RHYTHMOS last start winner at Orange and a track specialist winning twice at the track, should go well.

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The Last Guardian walkthrough: complete visual guide, all puzzles solved, Trico commands, more

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the last guardian walkthrough part 8

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the last guardian walkthrough part 8

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